Precious Breath

by Pauline Grandjean

"Precioux Breath" inaugurates a reflection on our troubled times : a light yet refined art in a world where breathing consists in becoming aware of the decrease of beauty spaces and fresh air.


Pauline is curious about people, their knowledge and skills. Her life is rich with varied experiences, carried out with commitment. In 2014, she discovered a passion for jewelry. Since then she draws, cuts, pierces, forges, welds, patinates, scratches, enamels ... Her work is joyful, free, refined, complex, simple, mysterious. She works with bronze, silver or gold, uses the technique of lost wax, likes to play with patinas and colored enamel to add an extra soul to her creations. Pauline graduated with the highest distinction from the Institute of Jewelry Jeanne Toussaint in Brussels, Fonte Injection section.




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